COVID-safe shows from S4K International

S4K International and the Shakespeare 4 Kidz Theatre Company are proud of our work over the years in all aspects of health & safety and in providing the best possible working conditions for our Company Members.

During this Covid-19 crisis, we aim to work within the Government guidelines and protocols regarding all aspects of rehearsing, touring and working.

S4K RISK ASSESSMENTS are available on request via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below we outline some of the protocols we have introduced as we aspire to bring Covid-safe theatre to your school and venue.


Our dedicated, full-time Covid-buster Officer is focused on ensuring a safe working environment for all Company Members during the rehearsal period, whilst travelling and in our accommodation, and at each and every venue where we perform. S/he will be a point-of-contact for you once you have booked a show, will assist in all aspects of preparing the venue for your event, and will be with the touring company on the day of the show to liaise with you.

It is important to us that all elements of risk-assessment are understood and managed and that you can plan for a safe and enjoyable visit. 

You can download more information here. (COMING SOON) In the meantime you can contact Company Manager Emma via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


All Company Members will have been double-jabbed with a UAE-recognised vaccine and have received a negative Covid test before starting work. All Company Members are PCR-tested regularly throughout the tour. 

We operate under a system of fixed-teams bubbles to help minimise the risk of infection and transmission.


We do all we can to ensure our rehearsals take place in a Covid-safe environment.

Our rehearsal venue has undertaken a thorough deep-clean and is cleaned each morning before the start of rehearsals. Fresh air is frequently circulated around the rehearsal room; and we have always focused on ensuring that all regularly-touched surfaces are sani-wiped and all company members wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

We maintain a suitable social-distancing as far as is possible and Company Members are masked when indoors.


Company Members are partnered/grouped in fixed-teams bubbles and travel and stay overnight in these separate bubbles. The logistics and their welfare are overseen by our Covid-buster Officer.


We arrive around one to two hours prior to the first performance. Our set, costumes and production are unloaded and set up by our Company Members working within their teams. 

Our Covid-buster Officer liaises with the venue to check the audience area and how audience members will arrive and depart.

Once the audience are admitted, regular announcements are made before the show regarding audience physical-distancing measures, how to move around the venue (paying strict adherence to any one-way system in place) and whether masks need to be worn while moving around.

Cast members remain separate and distanced from the audience. Our technical team are masked and screened from audience members.

Before and after the show, reminder announcements are made to ensure all audience members are aware of how to comply with the venue protocols.

At all times, we aim to adhere to the agreed Covid-safe protocols and guidance and all health & safety risk assessments at the school/venue. S4K's Aladdin is a COVID-SAFE production and audiences are expected to comply with all regulations, protocols and guidance to ensure a successful event. 

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