ALADDIN tells the story of a young street urchin in Arabia who is tricked by a wicked sorcerer into retrieving a mysterious oil lamp – a lamp that contains a mystical genie. Aladdin eventually learns the lesson that in life there is no easy way to get what you really want – and that you should be very careful for what you wish for!

The adventures of Aladdin is told by six actor/musicians who sing and play live on stage.


A mysterious lamp is hidden within the Cave of Wonders in the mountains near the old Arabian city of Abra. Legend tells that anyone who owns the lamp shall wield great power (THE LEGEND OF THE LAMP), but only those ‘good, worthy and pure in heart’ may enter the Cave of Wonders to retrieve it. Abanazar - the Lord High Chancellor - has made many attempts to get the lamp, but the cave is booby-trapped and everyone who has entered the cave has perished. 

In the souk in Abra, Aladdin is busking, singing his favourite song (ONE WAY OR ANOTHER). A policeman arrives to announce that the Princess Jasmine is to visit the souk ahead of her twenty-first birthday and all citizens must ‘avert their eyes’ and not look at her as she passes by. Aladdin dreams that one day he would meet the princess and marry her.

Princess Jasmine with her handmaiden, Scheherezade (Sheri for short), visits the souk. Jasmine wants to be able to wander around the city without anyone recognising who she is (PART OF THAT WORLD). Sheri suggests that they swap sashes, so Jasmine disguises herself as a handmaiden, and Sheri becomes a princess.

Their disguise works and fools both the policeman and Abanazar. With the policeman gone, Aladdin returns to continue his singing in the souk and meets Jasmine, but doesn’t realise she is in reality a princess.

Abanazar is determined to sieze the lamp (ABANAZAR, ABANAZAR!) but when he hears Aladdin sing, he realises that this may be the boy who is ‘good, worthy and pure in heart’ and able to enter the Cave of Wonders unharmed. Pretending to be Aladdin’s long lost uncle, Abanazar persuades Aladdin to meet him at the secret cave at sunset.

Aladdin enters the cave, but it’s very dark. He’s guided by the light shining from the rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds embedded in the rock. He finds the mysterious oil lamp, but becomes suspicious of Abanazar who seems more and more desperate to get hold of it. Instead of giving the ‘tatty, old’ lamp over to his ‘uncle’, Aladdin rubs it and releases the all-powerful Genie. 

The Genie tells Aladdin that he will grant him three wishes, but he is to be careful how he uses them (GENIE’S SONG).

Aladdin uses his first two wishes to try to impress Princess Jasmine: he becomes a prince, Prince Al, who even has his own camel!

Abanazar is amazed when Prince Al presents himself at the Palace in Abra (PRINCE AL), as he has ensured that no party invitations were sent out to any princes. He soon realises that Prince Al is in fact Aladdin, who must have used the power of the lamp to become a prince.

Abanazar manages to trick Jasmine into swapping Aladdin’s lamp for a brand new one, and now as owner of the lamp it is Abanazar who wields its power. He captures Jasmine and announces that he intends to become Sultan and marry the princess himself.

But Sheri and Aladdin come up with a plan to get the lamp back.

But will their plan work?

Will Jasmine have to marry Abanazar?

Will Aladdin get the lamp back?

Will the Genie ever be free?

And what has Largo Al Factotum got to do with it all?

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